Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decoration @ Pavilion KL

One will be mesmerized by its vision of  a wonderland when step into Pavilion KL with lush, rich, wonderful and opulent and larger than life.

There is a larger than life giant cake, a magical carousel and a magnificent 40 foot Tiffany & Co Christmas tree.

These are perfect photo opportunities for shoppers looking for the perfect season's greeting shot since the Christmas decorations were put up can attest this.

Children and adults will love a ride on the carousel and the candy land atmosphere is one to be enjoyed by all.

This poster had been used widely in local newspapers (which was shot at the carousel here) to promote the Christmas Wonderland in Pavilion. I kind of like the model in this poster. I think she is really beautiful.

Christmas atmosphere is almost everywhere inside the mall. Pavilion KL as usual lived up to the expectation when it comes to Christmas decoration.


HenRy LeE said...

Seems like the decorations at Pavilion KL this year not bad. Christmas is coming but some places starting to play CNY songs ady =.= wishes u a happy merry xmas!

Peace Out!
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wenn said...'s red Christmas over there!

Owen Choo said...

It's so Christmas happening in KL!!

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Meitzeu said...

Deco by Pavilion KL is always beautiful. Loving Pavilion since my first visit to the mall!


M-Knight said...

can't wait to check out all the malls Christmas decorations next week...

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