Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kampua @ Huang Chuang Cafe

Last week I manage to spent about 43 hours at my hometown during the weekend before heading back to work in Putrajaya. Whenever I was back for a short while, I try to get hold of Sibu famous kampua noodle.

It is always hard to determine the best stall which serve the best kampua noodle but one of my favourite kampua joint is at the Huang Chuang Cafe. The stall is located near Sibu MAS office and my former secondary school, SMK Methodist.

A plate of kampua noodle here is RM2.20. Here the noodle does not come with red sliced pork. It comes with minced pork. What I like about the kampua here is probably its texture and lard.

The stall is operated by a husband and wife. Although they might not be the friendliest people around, they are still quite efficient when the cafe is almost packed especially during the weekend.

Another signature dish here is its mixed soup (RM 4) which consists of pork liver, meat balls, tau fu and dumpling.


dong ho said...

i really dont know what's in those soups that im really craving. looks like the phos of vietnam.

SJB said...

Mmmm yummy soup.

Annie Q said...

hahhaah..i think those who away from Sibu, first thing when they back in Sibu, must go and savour a plate of kampua first!

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