Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fort Ranee

Fort Ranee in Saratok perched elegantly on a small hill by the riverside, overlooking the town as well as the traffic of the nearby Krian River.

The fort was built in 1888 by the Brooke's administration to replace the destroyed Fort Charles as an administration office for the town as well as the tax collection point.

It is mostly made of belian wood with atap roof. It still remain in good condition after been built more than a century ago.

The fort now house the Saratok District Council office and according to some of the locals, there are plan to convert it into a museum somewhere in the near future.


The Fleece Master said...

Dude, too bad theres no interior pics. I really wanna know how does it looks like. Nice one dude.

You have a good one.

wenn said...

nice building!

David Jr said...

Interesting to know there is a fort there. Is it a new building or an original that has been refurbished?


Bengbeng said...

it was a pity though that it was locked. i too would have loved the opportunity to have a closer look

Borneo Falcon said...

By the look of the structure, this is the original building that has been refurbished and restored

Sarawakiana@2 said...

This looks more like a Brooke Rest House than a fort...But nevertheless a good historical building. Thanks.

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