Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bukit Saban Tropical Resort

Bukit Saban Tropical Resort is located about 57km from Saratok, 80km from Betong and about 170km from Sibu. The resort is ideal for those who need a peaceful getaway or just a place to sleep after a tiring drive along the Sarawak Pan Borneo Highway.

The resort usually don't get a lot of visitors and rely mainly on civil servants who attend the BTN course here throughout the year. Lucky for us that day, we were the only visitors to the resort.

The overview of the resort from the road side before entering its main entrance. The resort is actually just opposite the Bukit Saban National Service camp.

This is the main hall which houses the reception desk, canteen and a function room. The resort do not have a website for online booking and hence one will need to call these numbers for information and booking; 083-480145 or 082-647178. There are also a few mobile phones which one can call for the same purpose; 013-8048178, 013-8118083 and 019-8898178

A mini water fountain opposite the reception desk. The staff here told me that the nearby Naning waterfall, which is about 2km from here is about the size of this one here.

The reception desk is oddly placed beside the grand stand. There are a few room types available here namely Twin Sharing (2 single beds) @ RM97.75, Superior Deluxe (1 king size bed) @ RM120.75, Triple Sharing (3 single beds) @ 125 and Superior Deluxe (1 king size bed + 1 single bed) @ RM 148. I also found out the resort also offer half day stay here.

The design of the accommodation rooms are based on the Iban's longhouse which is widely seen in Sarawak. Looks pretty much like a resort from the outside.

The management offered us a Triple Sharing Room but gave us a special room rate at RM97.75. At a glance, we were impressed with the room as it looks spacious and comfortable.

The toilet is spacious but seriously need to be refurbished and maintained to keep up with its resort status.

The towel provided here also got some unpleasant smell on it. I seriously recommend to bring your own tower if you plan to stay here.

The bed sheets and blankets also appear not "sterile" enough. My companion, Bengbeng claimed he suffered from itchiness while sleeping here and end up not using the blanket. I had bring along my sleeping bed and was considering using it if it wasn't for the heavy rain that night which prevented me from retrieving it from my car.

Each room also has a veranda with a jungle and river view. It's nice just to sit here and enjoy the lush green surrounding.

Sharp leaves hanging on the veranda as decoration. Try not to touch them as they are sharp enough to inflict a small cut to the fingers.

The cupboard has an ironing board complete with electric iron, extra pillow and extra bed. There is no kettle to boil water as well as coffee and tea making facilities in the room. Hence, guest need to standby sufficient potable drinking water while staying here. Bottled drinking water can also be purchased at the canteen.

The BTN course classrooms.

One can go for jungle trekking here but a guide is compulsory for safety purpose. A guide is not always available though. According to the staff here, the jungle trail can be completed within 20 minutes which suggest that the trail does not dwell too deep into jungle.


Beng Gee said...

Wow, looks like it is very relaxing to stay in that place! Very serene!

Anonymous said...

looks like its one of isolated places, i've not heard of bukit saban before. i'm sure it has the tropical experience with long house style. cool!

Bengbeng said...

it is a nice to get away from it all. but to use the word resort is a little misleading as there r no facilities normally associated with a resort. but still, how many hotels can boast of a whole jungle surrounding it and a river behind it. beautiful place and the room itself is beautiful

wenn said...

jungle trekking is interesting!

Superman said...

Not bad that you guys still know there is resort there. I will never knew that. But it is consider ok looking from your pictures of the resort. Close to the nature!

Kelvin said...

Looks peaceful enough if ppl wanna get away from busy cities:)

Malaysia Asia said...

Pretty interesting when you have to take a break driving along the PBH. I guess I would make a stop here as the prices are reasonable. Thanks for sharing.


Ensurai said...

Safety and comfort for the amount of money paid is important.
Some of the buildings look as if they are about to fall apart!!

Do they have a maintenance staff who are proud of their service? I know of a few men who are always cheerful and quick to do work for their work place - tip top running clogged drains- no blown bulb...and 24 hours service. Very accountable.

Borneo Falcon said...

I don't see a lot staff when staying here. Probably the maintenance staff will be around when there is BTN course going on here.

Reanaclaire said...

looks very secluded... quiet.. as u said, the toilet does need some renovations.. so.. got smell on the towels? what type of smell? hahahhaa... yeah, doubt they r steriled.. but maybe dried under the borneo sun..

Joseph Tan said...

Hi anyone has any latest information of this place? Would like to visit one day.