Sunday, December 13, 2009

Transformers Energon: Landmine

Landmine is one of the most powerful soldiers under the leadership of Rodimus.

Hasbro classified its transformation difficulty level as 3 but I think it deserves to be 4 as some of the transformation steps are rather complex and challenging.

The package comes with Landmine unit and a missile

Landmine alternate mode is a Cybertronian tow truck with a crane platform at the rear. It also has a mean looking shovel at the front which looks capable of tearing apart anything which stand in his way.

The tow truck can be detached from the crane platform for better speed and mobility.

The tow truck is about the same size as the Deluxe toy figure such as Hot Shot.

The tow truck transforms into robot mode.

The rear section can converts to gunnery station. The station is armed with a crane and laser cannon.

Landmine manning the gunnery station

The crane platfrom can also be separated and become Landmine's weapon pack

Landmine can powerlink with his weapon pack to become Landmine "Brute Mode" (sometime this mode is also refer to as Powerlinx Landmine). Landmine does not have the ability to powerlink with other fellow Autobot in the Energon series.

In "Brute Mode", Landmine's strength is doubled with the help of the motorized arms. The laser cannon and crane winch are mounted over his shoulders for added fire power against the Decepticons.

Landmine's bio data from Hasbro. This is one formidable Autobot you don't want to mess up with. His only obvious weakness is lack of speed.


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