Monday, December 14, 2009

Sibu X'mas Tree 2009 Part 1

13 X'mas trees were erected in Sibu Town Square Phase 1 as part of the annual X'mas Tree Decoration Contest. The trees will stand elegantly here until either Boxing Day or New Year.

Let's first have a look at the 6 trees which are in the contention for the contest. One of the requirements for the trees' design set my the organizer is the ability to withstand the unpredictable weather such as rain and storm.

KTS Tree. Nothing out of the ordinary. Conservative design with doves and flowers as its decoration.

Kingwood Tree. The tree is mainly decorated with the Terendak hats, a conical hat originated from the Melanaus. If I remember correctly, this design had been used last year.

Subur Tiasa Tree. Simple design where the structure mostly covered with white clothes and decorated with trinkets.

Delta Tree. This is one colourful tree which assimilate the colours found in our national flag. Our Prime Minister 1 Malaysia concept also seems to be incorporated into the theme of this tree.

Sugar Bun Tree. Another simple design tree mainly using green and red colour, the traditional colours usually associated with X'mas. Decorated with gifts packages and simple trinkets.

Farley Tree. This is one of the most elaborated tree on display here. It has big and small snow men all over it with doves flying above the tree. I reckon this tree is in the contention to win the contest.

This tree belongs to the organizer itself, the Sibu Municipal Council. This tree is not part of the contest. It is just merely there to occupy the space. It is the very same tree used last year.


CH Voon said...

some of the christris tree look funny but creative

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wow! I never know that they can be creative with Christmas trees.

Ensurai said...

Your comments may influence the judges!!!

very good coverage....Thanks.

Jean said... many trees...i cant stop any in ipoh..btw those are great shots

A smile from SJ =)

TZ said...

Oh it's the yearly Xmas Tree contest in Sibu... So fast already one year... i still remember reading BengBeng post about the contest last year... :p

eunice said...

Was there also a Xmas tree contest last yr at the same location and you blogged about that? Pretty interesting. It's time for me to go find some Christmas shots around the city soon!

Annie Q said...

I would vote for Farley Tree too! Look so colourful.

Borneo Falcon said...

eunice: Yes, the X'mas tree contest is an annual event here now. I posted about it also last year

wenn said...

nice creative xmas trees..

misterdicious said...

whoa.. great pics, thanks for sharing them :) i really love it!

Malaysia Asia said...

Goodness, some of them are totally out-of-theme. Was it opened to everyone or selected groups/companies?

From what I saw, it looked like a tidak-apa session where the bosses sent the orang-bawah to participate.

Anyway, glad to know you are taking pics of this and posting it for us to see.

Malaysia Asia

foongpc said...

There is a yearly Christmas tree contest in Sibu? Interesting!

Unknown said...

I like the kingwood tree.. we have a hat here in the philippines that looks like that. its called the "salakot" ;)

Borneo Falcon said...

David Jr: The contest is opened to everyone. However priority to the first who register as there are only 12 trees allowed in the contest.

Kelvin said...

I see until giddy haha:D