Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sibu Christmas Trees 2009 Part 2

These are the remaining 6 Christmas trees for the 2009 Sibu X'mas tree decoration contest. I believe this half are much better and interesting than the first part I highlighted previously.

Sing Kwong Tree. This tree mainly made up from LED lights enclosed in rubber hose which surround the tree. Should be a spectacular sight at night. Its base is decorated with a few cute penguins.

Pansar Tree. This is another conservative tree design. I believe Pansar is not trying to win this contest. Instead they are trying to create brands awareness where they are dealers for Yanmar, Deutz, Kansai Paint, Carrier and etc.

Tanahmas Tree. Neat but not an outstanding tree. Basically it is covered with green clothes and decorated with the traditional trinkets. Reindeer can be found at the base of the tree.

Zoo Bee Garden Tree. This is their second consecutive participation in the contest. Neat presentation with the highlight on the 3 snowmen structure.

Daesim Tree. This design gives me the impression of a Santa Village. It has snowman, toy soldier statues and Santa on the chimney. There is also a mail box which depicts letters sent by the children to Santa. I believe this is one of the trees in contention to win the contest. It manages to incorporate most of the X'mas elements into it.

Ta Ann Tree. This is probably one of the most elegant tree on display here. Mostly draped in white clothes and surrounded with a golden stripes. A church structure at the base of the tree.

So, having show all the 12 trees, which is your pick? For me, it is either Farley, Daesim or Ta Ann Tree. One of the reason for it as I can see children enjoy to be around those trees. Maybe we should let the children to vote for the winner


foongpc said...

Nice Christmas trees! So this is supposed to be a contest?

Unknown said...

Cool Christmas Trees!! I'm sure the kids will love it and they will have a hard time voting. My favorite is the bobby in xmas land :D

Johnny Ong said...

that's good as the christmas mood is really there ....

Jean said...

this is so nice..sibu has lotsa chris tree

A smile from SJ =)

escape said...

nice to know that every part of the world has something to celebrate this month.

happy month it is!

CH Voon said...

wah... u really collect a lot of christmas tree in Sibu.

i think more of 90% people celebrate this festival in Sibu.

Bengbeng said...

i think they r all good :)

Gallivanter said...

Daesim for me.