Friday, October 3, 2008

Esplanade Theatres

Singapore's Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay a SGD600 million performing arts centre with the equally grandiose aim of establishing itself as a cultural landmark akin to Australia's Sydney Opera House. Opened in October 2002, the 6 hectare site houses a concert hall for an audience of 1,600, a 2,000 seat theatre, smaller recital and theatre studios, an open air theatre, a practice studio, outdoor spaces for informal performances and sculpted gardens by the waterfront.

The design of this landmark icon which people either love or hate with its distinctive facade of sharp edged metal sunshades (some called it "durian"), has been mired in controversy since the model was first unveiled in 1992. The structure was designed by a British architect, Michael Wilford.

We were able to capture some of the art works outside the structure. I guess these art works won't be featuring permanently at their respective site. Nearest MRT station is the City Hall, just across the street


shawnn loo said...

Cool, I like this place (even thought havent been b4)

Look nice from he pics

TNH said...

Singapore's Esplanade-Theatres look like durian..haha..but the design is nice..

I AM A BLOGGER said...

The building looks like a durian(^^)

Johnny Ong said...

most singaporeans call it durian