Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Mulu Deer Cave

Deer Cave is the world's largest cave at 2km long and 174m high. The cave got its name as this is the area where the deer used to shelter. Nowadays, the deer is nowhere to be seen.

Just as we about to enter the cave, there is a red post box stand. This happen to be the first post box in Unesco World Heritage Cave.

The cave is huge that it is said it can accommodate 40 Boeing 747s. It is pretty dark inside the cave. A powerful torch light could be useful.

One of the highlight of the cave is the view at certain angle while inside the cave which bears a resemblance of the profile of Abraham Lincoln. This is due to the specific formation near the cave entrance.

The cave is home to many species of bats. Around 5 to 6pm, millions of bats will exit the cave which is awe inspiring sight when viewed from the bat observatory.

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