Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Dango A10 Pull Pocket Adapter

In order to allows  A10 Adapt wallet to have extra cards carrying capacity, one of the option available is the A10 Pull Pocket Adapter. This is one of the advantage of the Dango A10 Adapt wallet as there are a few accessories (sold separately) which can be attached to its rail and at the same time its application can be customized according to the user's need.

The A10 Pull Pocket Adapter (USD 35) comes in a few leather finishes but I opt for their water resistant, non-leather DTEX material. It still keep the slim profile and can holds up to 3 cards. It weights only 17g.

It has a pull tab which will slide the cards up vertically. I have my own concern on the durability of the pull tab as it don't seems to be made of durable material. I would love to see an opening at the bottom of the adapter so there is another option to slide the cards out by finger in case the pull tab broken off in the long run.

As the rail of the A10 Adapt wallet might cause some wear to the edge of the card, it is best to keep cards you try to keep intact in this pull pocket. The pull pocket does not offer any RFID protection. It is better to keep the cards which require RFID protection inside the A10 Adapt wallet chassis

The sliding plate of the adapter is made of polycarbonate and seems to be incorporated to the pull pocket by a strong adhesive. The addition of this slightly thicker sliding plate will reduce the number of notes able to be stored inside the A10 Adapt wallet cavity.

Now, fully attached to the A10 Adapt wallet, it still maintain the slim profile of the overall wallet. It can now carry a total of 7 cards in this configuration, an extra 2 cards from the original A10 Adapt wallet.

With the A10 Pull Pocket, it will be a tight fit to carry notes. Ideally, 2-3 notes will be the best without causing much resistance when sliding the adapter. I also found out the A10 Adapt wallet can accommodate a few coins in the cavity.

Overall, I quite satisfy with the Pull Pocket Adapter as it gives extra cards carrying capacity to the A10 Adapt wallet I currently using now. The wallet still look sleek and elegant with it on.

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