Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Perth Hotel, Senai

There are 2 nearby hotels the Senai Airport in Johor. Perth Hotel is one of them and is only about 5 minutes walk from the airport terminal. Once exited the airport, keep right towards the adjacent row of shop houses and one will have no problem to spot it.

The hotel is rather new, opened its door on July 2016. I reckon not many people stay here unless on transit and need a place to crash for the night. The lobby is spacious and modern.

King Perth Room (RM 198, without breakfast) is rather spacious, clean and comfortable. There is no refrigerator around to keep drinks or food cold. Wifi is free for guest and the speed is alright.

On the down side, the thick pillow which don't suit my sleeping pattern.  Also, there is no blind or partition for the shower which can make the whole bath room wet.

The hotel has passengers in mind as there are USB and universal charging point inside the room.

Even though the hotel is close to the airport, I hardly notice any noise generated by the aircraft while landing or taking off.

There ain't much to do around here except for a few restaurant and McDonald's. There is a 7 Eleven store behind the hotel for the convenience of the guest.


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