Friday, April 15, 2016

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort

There are not many resorts at Desaru beach and under the recommendation of a friend, I decide to stay overnight at Lotus Desaru Beach Resort while in the area.

From its facade, the resorts resembles a castle and I am amazed with its size. It has 17 blocks of accommodation (A to S) and shall able to accommodate massive crowd during the school holiday. Fortunately, I was here during normal day and there aren't many occupant at the resort.

The lobby/reception has been shifted to what it used to be the club house in order to cope with the number of visitors during peak hour. The former reception area at the front is inadequate to handle the crowd.

I opt for one bedroom type (RM 220 per night) and its interior impressed me. The living room, kitchen and balcony is located at the lower level and the ladder steps lead to the bedroom and toilet on the upper level.

I never came across such arrangement before but I think it is ideal if not travel alone as one can sleep while the other watch television at the same time. Overall, the room is alright but some items need some maintenance all kitchen utensils should be in order.

Breakfast here is alright although not to my expectation in term of variety and taste.

The resort is best explored on foot although coaster is available to ferry visitors to intended location. Its has water theme park, swimming pools and arcade. I reckon these attractions are a big hit with children and should be packed during school holiday.

There is a stretch of beach behind the resort where a few operators offered a few water sports activities. It is not one of the best beaches around but one can still enjoy sun bathing and sea breeze here.

With the recent mega project in Pengerang, this resort has been heavily booked by the contractors and the project owners to accommodate their staffs.


ChrisAu said...

I been to Pulai Desaru but not LOtus Desaru. Hope to stay there soon.
It's nice to visit your blog again!

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