Monday, November 18, 2013

KL City Gallery

This magnificent Moghul-India inspired building  which looks up at the Merdeka Square's flag pole was once the Government Printing Office. Designed by A.C. Norman and J. Russell and built in 1898 to cater the printing needs of the then British Malaya Administration. Cast iron columns and trusses formed the base of the structural support system so it could have a large interior to fit large printing press machines.

Government reports, official government books and even train tickets were printed here. It is now revived to house the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery which showcase the city's past.

The iconic I Love KL structure can be found next to its main entrance. There is a proper place for people to line up in order to wait for their turn to take photos with this iconic structure.

Once inside (free admission), visitor will get an insight into KL through an interesting collection of prints, miniatures and photographs.

I am intrigued by the old photos especially the great flood that hit the city.

Some old stamps back to the colonial time was also on display here. These stamps really bring back old memories as some are kind of familiar to me.

Visitor should also not miss the 40ft x 50ft KL city model which is touted to be the largest of its kind.

The miniatures on display/sale here are modeled after the city's heritage buildings and landmarks.

Visitor should not miss the Arch Gift Shop for a range of premium gifts and souvenirs which capture the heritage, arts and culture of the country.


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