Sunday, November 10, 2013


Dataran UNDRGRND is a new commercial space at the iconic Merdeka Square, KL. I discover this place during my latest visit here.

It has a symbol which resemble those of London Underground. The logo used here consists of a hexagon shape and rectangle across the hexagon with the brand name emblazoned on it. As the name suggest, the commercial space is located under the Merdeka Square although there is no rail station underneath here.

My Chocolate has an outlet here with a mini chocolate museum to showcase the obsolete machinery and equipment used those days to process chocolate. This outlet mostly sold the Clover brand chocolate.

The place is still new and not many tenants had taken up the commercial lots here. This is definitely a perfect refuge to seek shelter from the scorching sun outside.

I believe this place has a lot of potential if developed properly due to its location at the heart of national heritage site where visitors can have a little R&R over here and shop for souvenirs.


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