Monday, June 10, 2013


Taiping is the second largest town in Perak after Ipoh and it was once an important town during the British rule when tin was discovered here.

It is a 4 hours journey from KL and buses called at Kamunting Station which is 6km from the town. Taxi fare is a standard RM14 from this station to the town.

There are a lot of buildings and sites at this very town which were the first of its kind in the country such as the prison, post office, railway, Perak Museum, Lake Gardens and Taiping Zoo.

It is also the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia as I manage to found out as it practically drizzle out of the blue. The weather here is pretty unpredictable as dark cloud and rain can emerge when you least expected.

The best place to explore the town is on foot. The size of the town is small and there are hardly any buildings which are more than 5 storeys tall. Some of the older buildings have retained their stucco facades and wooden shutters.

Some of the structures and buildings around the town. It's a beautiful town and I hope it stays that way.

The town also offers a great deal of food which are generally cheaper than other parts in Malaysia. 

The Taiping Clock Tower is a prominent colonial building at the heart of the town (Jalan Kota). Once known as the Fort, it was used as the town police station as well as the fire brigade between 1908 and 1950. Now, it houses Taiping Tourist Information Centre.

There is an old British phone booth just beside the Tourist Information Centre which kind of bring back those good old memory.

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ChrisAu said...

it has been a while since I visited Taiping. Yes, it's a pretty nice town.