Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Haze 2013 @ Putrajaya

The haze has been a nuisance for me since last Sunday when I returned from my hometown. It somehow trap the heat and make life really miserable.

The API around Putrajaya for the last 3 days has been lingering around 100-194 (unhealthy), just slightly below 200. Surprisingly, still not many around here put on any facial mask to prevent those fine dust particles from entering their respiratory system.

Having faced the worst haze crisis back in 1997 at my hometown where the API hit a record high of 800++ for more than a week and the visibility are just a few metres,  I am still able to adapt with the current situation.

Good news is that it rained heavily around 6pm yesterday and the haze was completely gone after that. Wonder how long that will last.

The 1997 crisis also taught me that the haze will always present every year. Hence I always had a few respirators on standby as my contingency plan. I only use a minimum N95 respirator and not those cheap facial mask which most people seems to be wearing nowadays. I also had a re-useable respirator in hand should the API shot up to hazardous level.


wenn said...

good to invest in a good mask.

soulesscloudy said...

800++ API? wow... here 200+ i also cannot stand already..