Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weissbrau German Bistro & Bar

Weissbrau is one of the place in KL that served Schneider Weisse wheat beer which has been quite popular of late in most of the German bars here.

This is definitely a cool place to chill out and have a glass of beer after a long walk shopping in Bukit Bintang or Pavilion KL.

There are a few choices of draught beers to choose from and decent choices of bottled beer. Since I am around, I am determined to try all the 3 Schneider Weisse beers the outlet has to offer. All the Schneider Weisse beers are sold at RM 28 per bottle.

The staffs here are well trained in the art of pouring the wheat beer. This is one important aspect which I observe when I visit any bars as this would serve as the first impression that the owner of the bar actually respect and understand the beers they sold to the customer.
Schneider Weiss Mein Blondes (Tap 1) is brewed with water, wheat malt, barley malt, hops and yeast. Its alcohol content is 5.2%. It pours to a cloudy light amber topped by a thick crisp white head.

The aromas has are dominated with banana and clove up front. Nein Blondes is nice and welcoming with yeast dominating the flavour. There is more fruit on the palate and a hint of spice all coming together. I would rate this beer better than Paulaner, Franziskaner, Erdinger and Hoegaarden but still inferior compare to Weihenstephaner

Schneider Weisse Main Kristall (Tap 2) basically brew with the same ingredients as in Tap 1, minus the yeast and with gentle filtration. It has a slightly alcohol content at 5.3%. It pours to a very clear golden colour with a big fluffy head.

It has a strong vanilla aroma with plenty of sweet banana and a touch of malt in the background. It has a rich taste but without the full bodied flavour compare to Tap 1. Fruity tastes abound with a hint of banana, lemon and peach noted.

Schneider Weisse Unser Original (Tap 7) pours to a dark cloudy amber, almost brown with some head. It has the highest alcohol content among the three at 5.4%

Its a full bodied and creamy wheat beer. Taste of banana and clove with some sweet malts are noted with very minor cinnamon with a yeasty and metallic finish.

I decided to take some food to go with the beers and had placed an order for Bavavirian bacon and cheese burger (RM 28)

The burger is topped with what appear to be fried onion. The pork patty and the cheese are a nice combination and goes really well with the beer.

Weissbrau German Bistro & Bar
Lot 3.05.02 & C3.16.00, Level 3,
Pavilion KL

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