Saturday, April 7, 2012

Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan is Perak's third largest town which is more famous for its leaning tower. The town is about 2.5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur

The town was founded on the river bank of Perak River. The river forms an oxbow meander as it flows through the town and the town is built around the oxbow

During the British colonial era, the town was changed to Teluk Anson (Anson Bay) in honour of a British Officer, Major-General Sir Archibald Edward Harbord Anson. From my conversation with a few locals here, most of the elderly will still refer this place as Teluk Anson.

In 1982, during the centenary of the town's establishment, the name was changed again to Teluk Intan.

The long distance buses will stop at its bus terminal at the Bandar Baru Teluk Intan. This new township itself is just less than 10 minutes walk from the old town.

The town is best explored on foot. There is no traffic lights around and most of the streets here are one way street. Pedestrian crossing lines are located at strategic spot but pedestrian still need to be alert as Malaysian drivers are not known to give way to pedestrian.

The town has a number of colonial buildings and Chinese shop houses together with modern buildings, few shopping complexes and a cinema.

I'm amazed with the number of churches here as well as other places of worship found here. Some of them are probably as old as the town itself. Racial harmony is pretty imminent in this town.

The wet market in Jalan Woo Saik Hong is pretty huge for the size of this town. Fish and cockles are relatively cheap here.

The old bus station in the heart of the town appear to be still functional and served as the base for some old bus company which probably plying the nearby area.

Teluk Intan also has a lot to offer when it comes to food. I notice the locals will flock the Glutton Square and a stretch of hawker stalls, both along Jalan Ah Cheong.

The town is blessed with many schools with a number of missionary schools from the old day. I reckon this town produce a lot of good students in the past but sadly most of them had migrated to bigger cities such as KL, Shah Alam and Klang as there aren't much opportunity here.


wenn said...

I need to see the leaning tower one day.

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