Friday, March 16, 2012

Takara Tomy Rodimus Convoy MP-09 Ver. 2.0

Rodimus Prime has always been my favourite character from the G1 days and I am glad he finally received the recognition he deserved when he was featured in the Masterpiece line last year. Prized at RM 550, it is definitely an expensive investment for the hard core fans.

The first version was plagued with many QC issues and I am glad I had the patience to wait for the version 2.0 to come out which solved some of the previous issue. The box is beautiful and the graphics give an idea of what to expect when the box is opened.

The second version can be distinguished from the first version by the "H2511" stamping beneath the box which literally means 25th August 2011.

The takara version comes with collector's card with Rodimus Prime's bio data. It's bio data is much more accurate compare to the Hasbro version.

Rodimus Prime comes with variety of accessories; 2 photon rifles, welding torch, buzz saw and a trailer.
Rodimus Prime is basically Hot Rod before he was chosen by The Matrix of Leadership to lead the Autobots in their darkest hour. Due to the fragility of this figure, especially its shin guard, I decided not to Transform Hot Rod into its vehicle mode.

Flip its face piece and adjust its height a bit, Hot Rod is basically transformed to Rodimus Prime. The additional lines of his face show a maturity Hot Rod lacked and his expression is most often stern and thoughtful.

The trailer which comes with this figure is really huge and is one of my favourite part for this masterpiece. Basically, I find it has more functionality compare to Optimus trailer although not widely appear in the cartoon series.

The trailer can store all Rodimus Prime's accessories in it. This is extremely useful especially for the small parts such as the welding torch and buzz saw.

The trailer opened up to form a awesome mobile defence bay with twin missile launcher and deflective shield.

Rodimus Prime can stand on its trailer and place the photon rifles for added firepower.

The rocket launcher control panel comes with adjustable targeting screen. Rodimus Prime can even hold the handle properly.

Using the other 2 photon rifles from the Hasbro version, provides the defense bay with a 360 degree all around defence.

Rodimus Prime primary weapon is his photon eliminator rifle (when the 2 photon rifles are combined) which shoots high voltage electricity. He can also fire an "electro blast" from the exhaust pipes along his arm.

Rodimus Prime alternate mode is a futuristic RV vehicle (some called it flaming Winnebago) which looks really awesome with shades of brilliant red, bright oranges and clear pure yellow.

The windshield can be open to reveal the cabin. Unfortunately, it could not accommodate Spike Witwicky figure (from MP-10).

The alternate mode can carry Optimus Prime Masterpiece (MP-10) perfectly on the trailer, just as in the cartoon series (The Return of Optimus Prime in G1 Season 4).

MP-09 Version 2.0 manage to solve most of the issues from the first version where the chest can peg slightly better to the body. The elbow and shoulder joints also seems to be improved. The rifles can also peg more securely to the arm. The shin guard swivel joint also has improved and seems to follow Hasbro's design. Its not perfect as it will still come off but it won't damage the swivel joint.

I suspect it will still leave a scratch mark on the spoiler in vehicle mode as that was the case when I use the Hasbro version for the vehicle mode.

Nevertheless, it is still an awesome figure and without a shadow of a doubt, the best representation of Rodimus Prime as in the G1 cartoon series

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