Friday, March 9, 2012

Portuguese Settlement

Abut 5km to the west of downtown Malacca in Ujong Pasir, the Portuguese descendants in Malacca, Kristang found their own settlement in 1933.

The Kristang are a Malaysian ethnic group with mixed Portuguese and Malay and for some possibly Indian and Chinese ancestry. which arose during the Portuguese colonial period.

The Portuguese Settlement is located directly at the coast, overlooking the Strait of Malacca. There is a stretch of waterfront for those who enjoy an evening stroll.

The Kristang here is famed for their seafood and judging from the fishing boats at the shoreline, the freshness of their seafood is almost guaranteed.

Most people come here to feast in the various Portuguese seafood restaurants. Parking fee of RM2 is charged for every vehicle per entry.

This nice looking colonial structure with spacious square is where all the famous Portuguese seafood restaurants can be found. It is definitely a mice place to dine while enjoying the sea breeze at the sea side.


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