Friday, January 6, 2012

Kuala Perlis

Kuala Perlis is located at the estuary of Sungai Perlis, about 13km from Kangar town. Kuala Perlis is actually a quaint fishing known for its ikan bakar (grilled fish), assam laksa and fresh seafood.

The best place to get a nice seafood will be at the promenade, opposite the Putra Brasmana Hotel. Apparently, this place is only open in the evening until night.

A stroll along the promenade along Kuala Perlis is a must visit place to fully appreciate the beauty this place got to offer.

It is a good place to relax at dusk and watch the spectacular sunset or fishermen returning with their catch.

There is a beautiful floating mosque located here which face the sea. Al-Hussain Mosque was completed in 2011 and constructed with mineral rocks without using any paint

The most busy part of the town will be the jetty where passengers catch the ferry to the duty free Langkawi Island.

The town has been thriving based on a few budget hotels and eateries mushrooming around the jetty area.


naimishika said...

nice blog and nice pictures

dong ho said...

ah seafood and a good view. love!

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