Monday, January 30, 2012

Eagle Ranch Resort

Eagle Ranch Resort is located at the 14th Mile of Jalan Pantai in Port Dickson. The place is quite secluded which is perfect for a short retreat.

It has a small check in counter and one will sure miss it if wasn't paying attention when driving into the resort. The staffs here are generally friendly but occasionally  give away inaccurate information.

The whole resort adopts a cowboy town as its theme which is more imminent when it comes to their accommodation.

There are a few accommodation options here, the kampung house, log cabins, paddock chalets, bandwagon, tepees

All the accommodation entrance are secured with padlocks. This is definitely a new experience for me.

This is the interior of the tepee, a red Indian hut like room. The room is fit enough to accommodate 2 person only. It's fairy comfortable although you might able to hear the conversation of the adjacent occupant.

I kind of like the horseshoes which also function as cloth hanger. In some culture, the horseshoe is known as a luck talisman.

There ain't much to do here except for horse riding, go-kart and team building activity.  It is also an ideal place to hold meetings due to its serene surrounding and location.

There is a small stretch of beach behind the resort which is ideal for an evening stroll.


foongpc said...

I came here before and stayed at the tepee! Quite an experience : )

jasper yap said...

I stayed there and it was fantastic!..Definately going back there again! What i heard is that the place is going through some changes and its really going to pick up later in the year..!

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