Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sin Yee Kee Beef Noodle

Seremban is famous for its beef noodle and one of the best place to sample it is at stall no. 748 at the Seremban Central Market. The stall, which had begun in the early 40s has a rich history. It started at the old Seremban market before moving it to its current location in Seremban Central Market. It is currently run by the second generation of its original founder.

The beef noodles come in dry or soup version. I opted for the dry version and the noodles come in medium (RM 5) or big (RM 6) serving. The noodles itself is made by the owner themselves. The noodles are mixed with a special gravy (preservative free) which gives it a distinctive flavour.

The beef appears to come from selected cuts as it is not too tough and soft. Other goodies that went into the noodle are beef's intestine, sesame seed and peanuts.

The beef ball soup (RM 6) is another dish worth trying. The broth is thick and rich. The beef balls are bouncy and delicious. The soup definitely goes well with the dry version of the beef noodle.

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