Monday, May 9, 2011

National Planetarium

Located adjacent to the National Museum, atop a hill in the vicinity of the Perdana Lake Garden is the National Planetarium. This impressive blue domed structure was opened in 1994 in line with the government's serious commitment to the development of space science and technology.

A statue of an ancient astrologer greets the visitors to the planetarium.

Admission fee is RM 1 only and it is totally worth it with its interactive exhibition gallery which is a hit among children of all ages.

The model of exploration unit in planet Mars

The space suit exhibit (Sokol and Orlan-D)

Model of the space shuttle, propulsion system of the space shuttle and the Soyuz capsule.

The training before becoming a qualified cosmonaut is also well depicted here.

This is the living quarters of the cosmonaut which showcase how they eat, dump their faeces and sleep while in space.

At 106.5m above sea level, the viewing gallery provides the best view of KL city. Most of the landmark structures are clearly visible from here. It provides 360 degree view and binoculars for those who want to zoom in on the surrounding areas.


ChrisAu said...

I've been there very long ago...almost a decade. Seems like not much has changed.

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