Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sam Poh Footprint Temple

Batu Maung is a fishing village located at Penang island's southeastern tip. The place is also set for further development due to the second Penang Bridge link.

The place is famed for a mysterious giant footprint on a boulder at the beach. After I heard of the legend, I searched high and low for the footprint while in Batu Maung.

It is quite difficult to locate the place in the first place as I am unfamiliar with the area. It is located not far away from the fishing boat jetty. Ask the locals and they will point you to the right direction.

The footprint is actually located inside a temple with the name of Sam Poh Footprint temple.

The footprint is so sacred that they built a temple dedicated for it and cordon the footprint marking

The footprint is known as Tapak Gedembai and the origins differ among the different communities. The Chinese believe the footprint was left by Admiral Cheng Ho while Indians believe it was the footprint of the monkey god, Hanuman and Malays believe it belonged to a fleeing giant


SJB said...


dong ho said...

hmmm... different ideas and now it's a sacred place. i just really hope that they will find the truth behind it. but the chinese idea sounds more realistic.

Keith said...

Of course, on the american continent people in Canadian forests are combing the woods for Sasquatch, also known as "Bigfoot"

Perhaps he took a malaysian holiday

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