Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prime Minister's Aidilfitri Open House

Yesterday was the first day of Syawal where the Muslims celebrated the Hari Raya after a month of fasting. On this very day also, I took the opportunity to visit the open house hosted by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The open house took place at his official residence, Seri Perdana Complex at Precinct 10, Putrajaya.

This was where the journey began. The public will need to walk this dedicated pathway leading to the complex. Free drinks were available all the way.

The complex has a beautiful landscape with more carnival atmosphere added to it.

The highlight of the open house was the food. It was quite hard to navigate around as people kept coming in.

Here were some of the food served here. They are not particularly delicious but definitely fill up my empty stomach.

Clown was engaged to keep the children entertained.

The open house also present me with an opportunity to explore the surrounding complex although most areas are off limit to the public.

After having my lunch, it was time to greet the Ministers. It was a long queue and it was shameful to see many of our Malaysians kept jumping queue here. Something just never change don't they?

The hand shaking process with the VIPs was rather swift and short as we were kind of shoved by the police officers out of the complex after shaking hands with all of them. For the record, I remember shaking hands with Rosmah Mansor (The PM's wife), Idris Jala, Koh Tsu Koon, Ng Yen Yen and some other ministers.


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

So many peoples. The food, wow...

escape said...

whoa! big time feast there. what's new is they have a clown to make it more entertaining.

Kev said...

Gosh... the Open House concept now is so commercialized. People go there to have free food, more than meeting the VIPs. Well, they won't have time to chat since the police will be there to shoo you away... and the PM is not even there to greet you.

The only open house I've ever attended was in Sarawak's CM's house - when I arrived, there's hardly any food left.

Reanaclaire said...

wow..for all my life, i have not shook hands with any of them as yet! :)

acura said...

So many politicians that you manage to meet in one day. You won't see them again until nearing the elections LOL

Bengbeng said...

You shook their hands? I shook yr hand before too. So I huess I have shook hands with them too lah :)