Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Putra Square

Putra Square is pretty much the centre piece of Precinct 1. The square made an excellent venue for ceremonies, carnivals and major events. The 300m circular area also act as a roundabout in this area.

The design of the square incorporates an 11 point outer star which represents the 11 states of Malaysia during independence in August 1957.

The inner circle has a 14 point star which represents the number of states (including federal territories) in Malaysia today.

The progressive arrangements of the different pointed stars finally culminate in a circle at the centre of the square which symbolize the ultimate goal of unity.

With its close proximity to the Prime Minister Office Complex, Perdana Putra and Putra Mosque, Putra Square is an ideal location to snap the photos of those prominent structures here in Putrajaya.


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...


Ensurai said...

Went there when it was first declared open. Now it looks even better.thanks.

foongpc said...

Your post makes me feel like going there to jalan jalan : )

ChrisAu said...

yup...dat was a nice place. I was there before... magnificent buildings around!

zazoze said...

nice and very awesome country.