Thursday, April 8, 2010

My New Workplace

I been working in my new workplace for about 2 months now and I believe it is time for me to show my office and its surrounding in my site.

My office is located at Complex D in Putrajaya. It's nothing impressive from the outside as most of the structures are square shaped.

There is a huge square and a cascading waterfall within the premise which is kind of a nice place to chill out during lunch time. Unfortunately, our tropical weather here kind of keep the people away from this beautiful area.

I usually takes the stairs on my way down to get some exercise and I kind of enjoy looking at the healthy messages painted on the walls while on my way down.

This is my workstation. Kind of cozy and spacious. Wish to have my own office some day for more privacy.

This is where my guests or colleagues can seat to have a discussion or etc.

From my table, I also have a commanding view of the only shopping complex here, Alamanda. I frequently walk (it's a 10minutes walk) there from my office after working hour to get my grocery and dinner when I am lazy/tired to cook.


TZ said...

I used to work in Cyberjaya... So always go to Alamanda for food on Friday :)

wenn said...

wow, u hv a cool office space. Wish I hv one like u!

Cindy said...

Your table is very tidy... why nothing on it???

Kev said...

Hi Borneo, what's your job there, anyway? Nice place Putrajaya... but hard to locate buildings :)

SJB said...

Nice workplace to work :D.

amycheah said...

Hmmm...nice place.

the donG said...

with a workplace like this... ill never arrive late. nice nice!

Borneo Falcon said...

Cindy: I like to keep my table clear. Clear table equates clear mind

Kev: I work under Department of Occupational Safety and Health

sourplum said...

i've came upon ur blog after googling about favelle favco which you post in other entry.

nice blog. keep it up

p/s: i'm looking for a tips for interview in favelle favco.

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