Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Majestic Station Hotel Ipoh

The Majestic Station Hotel was built in 1917 and is housed inside the Ipoh Railway Station building.

The hotel is surrounded by beautiful flora garden which offer a nice view from the hotel verandah

The hotel interior looks fairly average with room rates starts below RM100 per night (Standar Room for RM73 and Deluxe Room for RM88). Day use for 4 hours is also available at RM40. Back in the old days, it was said that the hotel was regarded as a first class hospitality establishment.

The hotel also features an antic lift which is still functional

If one is too scare to take the lift (which I have no idea how to operate), one can opt to climb the stairs.

Another old design of the building which is still visible when taking the stairs. There is another ladder steps that leads to the ceiling, probably for inspection and maintenance purpose.

The communal area and corridor to the guest rooms on the second floor

I have seen people taking wedding shots at the hotel verandah.

The verandah also serves as the venue for the guest to have their breakfast and meals.


wenn said...

my children wanted to try the lift but i forbid them..can trust it..

reanaclaire said...

hi BF, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of Majestic Hotel at the Ipoh Railway... made me shy.. hahhaa..cos i being an IPOHian have not gone there before, i mean upstairs... at least now i know how it looks like...

Superman said...

You stay there too? Really a old hotel from the old days.

Borneo Falcon said...

I didn't stay at this hotel. Maybe in my next trip

Anonymous said...

nice place to visit Ipoh, i shall plan a trip there. I was thinking of from Sibu - Johor take a train to the north (Ipoh-Penang) back again to Johor- Sibu. :)

Benedict Chow said...

Nice posting of the hotel! Despite it age, the owner seen to maintain this place quiet well ... I particularly like your shoot of the hotel veranda ... I can imagine here must be the gathering place of Ipoh rich & famous during the hotel's golden years :)

SJB said...

Love the antic lift (*_*). I never try this kind of lift yet heheh maybe one day.

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