Thursday, January 8, 2009

Miri City Fan

Miri City Fan is must visit park while in Miri city. The park is within walking distance from the city centre and it took me like 7 minutes to reach here from Imperial Hotel. This is the layout of the park which resemble a fan. Miri City Fan is made up of a combination of gardens.

Best place to start exploring the park is from the Miri Civic Centre

From the civic centre, take a stroll down the Civic Promenade. There are some interesting murals/carving at both side of the promenade that depict the history and culture of Malaysia.

At the end of the Civic Promenade is the musical fountain. The musical fountain was not functional during my visit. Also can be seen here is the Garden of Vision

The Garden of Vision form the heart of the Miri City Fan with seating arrangement resemble those of amphitheatre.

This shelter booths are situated at 4 corners of the Garden of Vision

The Health Garden here consists of a reflexology path. A walk here should able to promote a good health as it stimulates the receptors at the base of our foot.

There is a lake and sea horse sculpture at the Chinese Garden. The sea horse is a mascot/symbol for the Miri city.

Next is the Formal Garden with a fountain at the centre of this garden

At the other end of the Miri City Fan is this magnificent architecture which is actually the Miri Library.

Miri Unity Tower, which actually form a roundabout is opposite the Miri Library

Next to the library is the Botanical Ethnic Garden. There is nothing much this garden got to offer.

The last garden here is the Islamic Garden. This garden is huge and beautifully designed.

Most of Miri folks came to this garden in the evening to exercise and jogging. I would have done the same as I like the atmosphere around this park.


TNH said...

It make me think that the garden might be more than the building...

Johnny Ong said...

the land of sarawak is big and therefore they can afford to have many parks which is really nice

lifesignx said...

In actuality the public library is situated within the civic center which is the starting point of Borneo Falcon's journey to Miri City Fan. The building which Borneo Falcon refers to as the library is actually the electronic library of Miri. I dub thee Borneo Falcon, honorary e-ambassador for Miri city!!!

Nanaybelen said...

cool park . so good for reflection

posh post said...

very nice photos! thank you for sharing them here. wish you well!

marriage markers said...

cool developments! and very serene atmosphere too. :-)

Anonymous said...

initially i tot miri is just a small town with nothing much to offer but Im really wrong now. It's just a great place!!

Asian Traveler said...

The Miri City Fan seems beautiful and big. I like the lake and the sea horse sculptures.

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WanWan said...

so nice garden.. wow... the building structure looks unique...

Anonymous said...

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