Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 Fireworks @ Sibu

As promised, I will highlight the firework from this early morning. Most of the people in my hometown started the fireworks about 15 minutes before the stroke of midnight.

I always enjoy the fireworks at the Chinese New Year at my hometown. It is quite rare to feel such an atmosphere anywhere in Malaysia. The people here somehow still able to get hold of firecrackers and fireworks even thought those items are banned in this country.

It started to drizzle just after midnight but that did not dampen their spirit. The fireworks continued until it stopped roughly at 0030.

These videos will sum up everything and give the viewers a better picture. I am still busy visiting houses today and tomorrow.


LEon said...

Wow. Envy u guys can set your own fire works...look fun.

Oman said...

i love the shots. great job.

kung hei fat choi.

Grace said...

Wow! nice shots, Borneo. How did you do that? I tried doing that, too, during our New Year, but it doesn't turn out right the way you just did. :)

Anonymous said... mnay fireworks!!

Annoymous said...

Wah, fireworks, i thought firecrackers are better for cny.

Ciela said...

Happy Chinese New Year! What a nice fireworks you had there in your place. Good shots!

Borneo Falcon said...

To capture the fireworks, I use the "firework" function, specially to capture the firework scene.

Use a tripod to keep the camera steady.

Bear in mind, I only use normal digital camera. No fancy camera here.

escape said...

thanks for including those videos! kung hei fat choy!