Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Houses at Li Hua Island

I will show some photos taken when I went to Li Hua Island which I mentioned is the Beverly Hill of Sibu. This house belongs to the chairman of the Sanyan Building, who also happened to be Sarawak’s chief minister brother. It is by far the largest house in Li Hua Island with huge land. The house has its own generator and transformers. Hence, there should be no worries should there is a power failure at the grid. Note there is 2 15th century armour suit at the main entrance to the house. Wonder where he get those armour suit. Britain perhaps?

This house is so full of plants and tree that I can hardly see the house, let alone the main entrance. It is more like a beach resort or some sort with this thick “forest”. Maybe it is trying to avoid people from spying or seeing what they are doing inside it. This house should remain cool in very hot day due to the shades of the plants surrounding the house.

This is an interesting structure. The architecture of this house resembles “kampung” of traditional Malay village.

This is another spectacular house taken at the island.


Maria said...

Nice place.I wish I could visit there..soon

Kelley Ann Hornyak said...

Now that's a palatial estate! Reminds me of some of the homes I've built in The Sims. I'd certainly like to build one in real life one day! Thanks for the great post.