Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going Green

In order to go “Green” and protect the environment, most of the photos taken from now on will be taken on my bicycle, LeRun Solaris. Hence, my blog will be somehow environmentally friendly. This will also comply with the European Directives to comply with RoHS (the restriction of the use of hazardous substances). Ha….ha….. Just kidding. Unfortunately, there is no bicycle lane here although I had e-mail to the local council here the request before the general election. Our government is really lacking behind when it comes to environmental protection. Even the recycling campaign failed miserably.

On mother’s day, I cycle for nearly 2 hours to the edge of the Sibu town to get some interesting photos to share. There is this Li Hua island, a man made island residential area about 4km from the town centre. This residential area in my opinion is our own version of Beverley Hills as there are a lot of big and magnificent houses around here. I believe even Donald Trump will be impressed. More on that in my next post.

This island is linked to the “mainland” by a bridge. Here is a rough idea on the island layout, although not accurate. There are a lot of criminal cases happened here in the past such as burglary. So, the entrance to the island is fitted with CCTV. The bigger houses tend to have security post and CCTVs to prevent armed robbery.

On the day I saw a para-glider in the air. I not sure whether this is an army personnel or just a civilian.


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