Sunday, May 14, 2023

New Rejang Inn

From words of mouth, New Rejang Inn is one of the best place to stay while in Kapit. Located opposite Public bank and a stone throw away from the Kapit River Express Wharf, the hotel location is quite ideal.

The hotel lobby is one of the biggest I came across thus far in Kapit. It is well decorated with traditional craft as well as some old photos hanging on the wall.

The hotel room (RM 108) is quite spacious, only second to Greenland Inn. The room is generally clean and quite comfortable. My only complain is the air cond placement which is directly opposite the bed.

The room is also equipped with a mini refrigerator and a mini flat TV. The TV antenna is fitted weirdly on the refrigerator.

Room view with a glimpse of the Rejang River. As most business premises here open early in the morning, one can expect to hear noise from the outside as early as 5am.

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