Saturday, April 8, 2023

Akar Dining

Fine dining is a restaurant dining experience which is unique, sophisticated and pricey than an average restaurant.

Last month, I visited a truly local fine dining restaurant, Akar Dining which sourced all the raw ingredients locally and turn it into unique dishes.

The restaurant is located at 109, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL. The restaurant itself is not that large. Prior reservation is recommended. The restaurant has a dress code; smart casual with no slippers and shorts. Children are also not allowed to dine here. 

As most of the dishes are made out of sea food, I opted for Sauvignon Blanc which is an elegant wine with hints of white flowers, white fruits with long mineral finish.

The restaurant adopts open kitchen and diners can see how the young chefs work in unison to produce their masterpiece. 

For opening dishes, Saba Perkasam; spring onion soubise, khao jam rice, Sweet Potato; sweet potato sardine filling, tomato chutney and Cassava Bread; budu butter, duck serunding

Sea Wave; broccoli coulis, scallop mousse, seafood umai

Terroir; the Malaysian harvest, tempoyak

Fish; daun sup, purslane

Crustacean; passion fruit kulim hollandaise, jicama slaw

Duck, fermented cassava puree, coconut sothi, mulberry

Spice Duck Broth; sawtooth coriander

Flower Garden; cocnut mousse, flower cordial

Bagan Datok Chocolate; banana & garum, smoked vanilla, ganache

Liberica Bonbon; Jackfruit

When each dish was served, it was meticulously explained by the chefs. Almost everything been served is edible, including the decorative flowers.

At the end of the dining experience, diners will be presented with a momento which have details of the dishes served on the day. The dishes will changed every 3 months and the present one will be available until June 2023.

I really enjoy my dining experience here as it really feel local here. The bill worked out to be RM 550 (with 2 glasses of wine and sparkling natural mineral water) per person

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