Monday, November 14, 2022

Sunny Hill Ice Cream

I have heard a lot about this famous ice cream shop in Kuching but never had the opportunity to try what it is famous for. The opportunity presented itself one day as I was staying at Roxy Hotel, which is just beside the shop.

This is the plan view of the shop taken from the Cha Cha Restaurant at Roxy Hotel. It appears to have a connecting walkway to the adjacent Sunny Hill School.

It has an old school canteen sitting arrangement. Not many places to be seated if the places is fully crowded.

The ice cream choices here come in cone, sundae, cup, float, sandwich, banana split and special. 

I opted for the medium cup (RM 5.50) in vanilla flavor (there was only vanilla and corn flavor on the day). I find the ice cream somewhat comforting with its milky, soft and smooth texture. It is a simple and honest ice cream which I will come back for again. 

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