Tuesday, May 3, 2022

SMK Sedaya Lama

SMK Sedaya Lama in Kanowit was one of the oldest government school in Sarawak. It was officiated on 26th April 1958 by Mr. D.C. White, the Sarawak Resident of the third Division.

This school has been relocated not far away from the current site and is now known as SMK Datuk Haji Abdul Rahman Yakub. With the relocation, the old school was left in disrepair.

It is sad to see how the school looks like now. Wish it could be restored to its former glory and preserved as part of the State's heritage.

This place is still a bustling place as a ferry point where people from this side of Kanowit communte across Kanowit River to the Kanowit town on the opposite bank.

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