Monday, January 24, 2022

Kingwood Boutique Hotel Miri

Kingwood Boutique Hotel caught my attention while in Miri with its eye catching facade. This Kingwood Hotel definitely had a different concept than its Sibu and Kuching counterparts. Strategically located in the heart of Miri, it is one of the best place to stay if location matters.

The lobby is not the usual kind which I am familiar with as there is a coffee counter which dominates the lobby area. Service is top notch and check in seamless.

The classic room (RM 176.80 with breakfast) is quite small but I was blown away by its modern design. It took some time to adjust with some of the features inside the room. The window curtain can be open and closed from a switch. The toilet and shower room is separated by glass wall.

Bonzer Restaurant is the other alternative to dine in while in the hotel besides the lobby cafe. I like the ambience here and it is an ideal place to unwind.

Breakfast choices are quite limited. I opted for the chef breakfast which consists of eggs, hash brown, baked bean, sausage, ham, salad leaves and slices of fruit. I would probably eat out in my next stay here.

I have a pleasant stay at this hotel and definitely recommend it to anyone who cherish clean, comfortable and quiet place to stay while in Miri.

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