Sunday, June 20, 2021

Medklinn Asens +20

As we are approaching the end of June, there is no telling whether the national lockdown will be relaxed next month. I predicted some of us will be allowed to go back to work in stages by next month.

Hence, in anticipation of going back to work soon, I recently purchased an air sterilizer which is meant for my work station. I had noticed some of my colleagues had adopting a much bulkier air purifier in their office space. I reckon it isn't practical to bring a cumbersome air purifier into the office. After some research, I came across Medklinn air sterilizer.

I first get to know Medklinn when I saw their air sterilizer was installed across Jaya Grocer supermarket during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a Malaysian made product and it is definitely a way to support our local business.

I opt for Asens +20 (RM569) first to give it a try first. This model is suitable for coverage area of 200 sq ft and ideal for a small bedroom. Inside the box, is the main unit, adaptor and Asens + cartridge which has been installed to the main unit. It doesn't come with an operating manual but there is a QR code which will direct you to their website to download the manual.

The unit is 19.5cm x 10.1cm x 7.6cm in dimension and weight 750g. It is pretty compact and will take minimal space in a room.

The technical data can be found at the rear side of the unit. Apparently, this is a patented product in Malaysia and Singapore.

Opening the grilled housing will reveal the cartridge. The patented Cerafusion Technology Cartridge is maintenance free and only need replacement once a year. The unit can be switched on all day long and the power consumption is less than 6.5W.

By looking at the cartridge itself, I believe it works like an air ionizer with a current running along the wire loop. This cartridge will produce active oxygen consisting of controlled levels of ozone and negative ions. This will eliminates 99.9% viruses, bacteria, allergens, mould, bad odour and other toxic substances. 

The replacement cartridge is sold separately at RM139. The replacement unit for some reason is not fully in black. Replacement of the cartridge is quite easy.

Ideally the unit is suppose to be placed horizontally although it can also be placed upright. When turned on, there is what appear to be UV light or some sort generated in way of the cartridge. It also gave out a gas leaking noise which can be heard around 2m radius. Although it ain't completely silent, the emitted noise is still at an acceptable level (38dB). There is also a dial for low, medium and high settings although it isn't clear which direction is high or low.

I have been testing this unit for a few days now in my bedroom. I definitely can smell the "fresh and sterilized" air coming out of it and filled my entire bedroom. I am pretty confident of its performance and will definitely use it to sterilize the air and surface of my workstation when the current lockdown is relaxed.

I am also considering to buy their other model which will cover a wider area (450 sq ft) in the future.

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Wrong Man said...

Malaysian made Air purifier !
That is great.
Support our local economy anyway we can.