Monday, March 22, 2021


I been going in and out KLIA2 on weekly basis before the pandemic hit our country. I remember vividly when I touched down at the airport at 2100 on 17th March 2020, a day before the first Movement Control Order (MCO) commenced in our country. Everyone onboard with me that day don't seems to be bother what will come ahead but I know things will never be the same after that.

The atmosphere within the airport has changed since MCO. I remember when travel was allowed and I made my way back to KLIA2 from early June to November 2020 with the latest on 20th March 2021. Little has changed inside the airport after the MCO was lifted last year.

The drop off zone is pretty much deserted with a handful of cars dropping the passengers. There are hardly anymore police manning the traffic and reminding motorists not to park their vehicles here for too long.

Walking into Level 3 of the Gateway@KLIA2 is like walking into an unfamiliar territory as most shops were seen to be closed permanently. These photos were taken around 0800. 

Moving down to Level 2M where most of the eateries are located is another sad scene. There are hardly any places to eat here now. Even the usually packed food court is boarded up.

The convenience shop on Level 2M which I frequently dropped by in the past still survive and notice the renovation done internally.

This is the flight schedule of the day (as of 0800) with very few domestic flights available. 

There are more shops which are in operation on Level 2 although many of them are unlikely to be open again. 

I recommend the Food arcade located on Level 2 for those who wish to dine in although many stalls here also seem to be closed.

The airport check in counter also see less traffic and most of the shops here also had shuttered. Starbucks is probably one of the few shops open at this area.

Most of the shops inside the departure hall are still operational even though with less traffic. It is now easier to find a place to sit compare to the period before the pandemic.

It is kind of funny to see how paranoid some passengers can be as they donned full PPE for their flight.

Lockdown has caused a lot of damage to the economy. In fact lockdown doesn't work. It is only good in destroying the economy and job with this airport as a case study. A good awareness and discipline are all we need. Social distancing, sanitize, wearing a mask and good enforcement are the best way to move forward without imposing any lockdown or movement control.

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