Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Spa Secret Batam

There are many places which offer massage service in Batam and the best so far I came across is The Spa Secret Batam.

It is located at Nagoya area and directly opposite Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre by crossing the busy road.

The waiting area is spacious and have ample of seats. This spa is always crowded and advanced booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. I always opt for online booking and usually get a confirmation in a few hours. Reservation will be cancelled if there was a no show after 15 minutes of the appointed time.

So far I had tried 2 types of massage here, flat stone massage (420,000 Rupiah for 2 hours) and Balinese aromatic massage (330,000 Rupiah for 90 minutes). The therapists are professional and enjoy each of my session here. For flat stone massage, it will be carried out in a private room which is equipped with shower facility.

The therapist will usually put an aromatic incense just right below the head while lying down. Should the smell is too hard to bear, just notify the therapist but it works just fine for me as it kind of giving me the soothing effect as the treatment progress.

The spa also offers free wifi to kill some time should one come here with reservation and the queue is long. With its ideal location, good facility and skillful therapist, I will definitely be back again whenever I am around Batam.


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