Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Coffee Nowhere @ Nagoya, Batam

I was looking for somewhere decent to chill out while walking aroung Nagoya, Batam when I stumbled Coffee Nowhere. It is located not far from the hotel I normally stayed, Formosa Hotel. However, the shop is located at a small alley, not so obvious if one is not paying attention to details.

The outlet is air conditioned, modern and comfortable. I really like the ambience and the wifi is good. I notice a few coffee making machines and I have confident that they know how to brew a good coffee.

The latte (Rp 29000) is well presented and taste alright. It is quite hard to find a decent cup of coffee at this area and this is a much needed drink after exploring the island.

Cheese Pizza (Rp 99000) is quite decent with its thin dough. There is not much food varieties here but they offer excellent service.

Coffee Nowhere
Nagoya Central Blok B, No. 1-2 (next to City Centre Hotel)

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