Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ant Expandable Baton

Few months ago I start to arm myself with a baton due to fear of parang/matchete wielding robbers which happen quite frequently nowadays especially in the Klang Valley. I bought the Ant expandable baton from Professor Uniform store and it costs less than RM50.

Its weight about half a kilo and it is quite compact and easy to carry around. It is about the same length of a badminton handle when the baton is retracted.

Even in retract mode, the baton can still be used as a weapon as there are still metal parts at both tips of the handle which can deliver devastating blow to the attacker. There are a few good clips in youtube which show the correct and effective techniques of using the expandable baton.

With a quick hard swing, the the baton will be fully expanded and give that extra length for the user against the attacker. The overall length is about 67cm or equivalent to the length of a badminton racquet. Hence, beginners can actually practice using the badminton racquet to perfect the baton swing before moving to the next step.

The expandable baton can be a great defense weapon but it can be also be a deadly weapon if it strikes critical part of human body such as the head and spine. The shaft is made of steel and can easily break bones if it hits the arm and leg of the attacker.

It comes with a pouch but unfortunately, the thread starts to come apart when attach to the belt while supporting the weight of the baton itself.

I really hope I don't have to use this baton to defend myself one day but I will have no qualm of using it if myself or my loved ones are threaten.

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Unknown said...

is it really that strong and does real damage>?

Seems handy to carry around though.