Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Taps Beer Bar @ Mont Kiara

Craft beers has been around Klang Valley in the past 3 years or so but not many beer drinkers are seems to be aware of it. They originate from small breweries with penchant for experimentation and innovation. Hence, with a bottle of craft beer, one just don't know what one is going to get. With small scale production, craft beers are usually pricier than the usual big brand pints. 

One of the best place to enjoy craft beers on tap is Taps Beer Bar. Recently, I visited their newest outlet at Mont Kiara. It is located at 1Mont Kiara Mall. The space is a low key, friendly one with beautiful songs sang by singers and band on the stage.

At any one time, there are roughly 12-14 beers on tap; when one runs out, it is replaced by something new and different. A large blackboard is chalked up with what's on offer on that moment.

Buxton Wild Boar (RM 24) has a fruity aromatic hops with a dry bitter finish. Note of grapefruit, bitter orange, lemon, citrus peel, white grapes, yeast and malt.

Chiron Thornbridge (RM 22) has lemon, bread, hops and grassiness tastes with hint of apricot.

Buxton Farskyline (RM 27) is quite sour with a combination taste of apricot, lemon peel and lemon juice

Mountain Goat Rye IPA (RM 44) has plenty of mandarin, grapefruit and pine with the Rye somewhat subdued. This beer consists of Malted Rye which is mashed, lautered and boiled like any other beer. The rye malt add a unique spiciness and mouth fullness which is not usually found from barley.

Siew Yoke Pizza (RM 28) is only available here and not in their first outlet at Changkat. It tastes really good with rich porky flavour.

Soft shell crab (RM 23) perfect as a beer bite while enjoying the evening. There is not much of varieties when it comes to food here; mostly on beer bites, burger, steak, salad, pizza and a handful of desserts but still able to satisfy my appetite.

Taps Beer Bar
Lot G-1, Mont Kiara Mall,
No. 1, Jalan Kiara,
Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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