Thursday, July 10, 2014

Transformers "Age of Extinction" Review

I had watched Transformers "Age of Extinction" 2 weeks ago and was surprised it still topped the box office at the time of writing. For someone who grew up with Transformers since the 1980s, I am rather disappointed with the 4th installment.

At least the movie pay homage to the G1 Optimus Prime's alternate mode at the beginning of the plot. However, things just went terribly wrong in the movie and most of them just make the whole movie looks kind of silly:-

  • American flags can be seen frequently in the scene.
  • The remaining Autobot seems to be disorganised and bickering among themselves which are something we see frequently with the Decepticon
  • Optimus Prime is still alive after receiving a shot and jab to the chest
  • Optimus Prime's ear piece fell down during the early scene and was fixed in no time. Apparently he has the ability to regain his "health" quickly after been severely wounded in a few occassion.
  • Bumblebee's impatience almost cost the Autobot the mission while in KSI's HQ in Chicago. As a scout, this is rather an unusual behavior displayed by an Autobot.
  • We hardly know Hound, Driff and Crosshair which are introduced in this installment.
  • Galvatron seems to lack of firepower. Strangely, all the Decepticon were wiped out after the last incident.
  • The Dinobots are a letdown. Hardly even had the opportunity to get to know Grimlock, Strafe, Slug and Scorn. G1 Dinobots are way cooler than this one.
  • Optimus Prime does not have any qualm to blast the threatening human being. That is cold for an Prime.
  • When did Optimus Prime has a jet pack installed at his back?
Maybe it is time to let go of Optimus Prime and pass the "Matrix of Leadership" to The Chosen One in the next installment as viewer might be introduced to "The Creator" (which might be Unicron or Primus). The storyline starts to get a bit stale and frankly, I will probably skip the next installment altogether.

Peter Cullen who has been the soul of Optimus Prime since the beginning should know how the movie had gone awry wrong under Michael Bay and put a stop to it as it has start to bring bad name and shame to Transformers I used to know.


foongpc said...

So many complaints on this movie? Haha! I did not watch it and maybe not watching since many people told me they were disappointed with it.

soulesscloudy said...


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