Saturday, June 14, 2014

Floria 2014

Floria 2014 is back again and will be around for a week from today until 22nd June 2014. This is my 4th consecutive visit to this annual event since 2010.

This year, the event has a new home at Precinct 4, between the Seri Saujana Bridge and the abandoned Putrajaya Monorail Bridge. Also it ain't free anymore as one will need to pay an entrance fee of RM 3 for adult and RM 1 for children unless one is daring enough to climb over the 1.5 m barricade around the perimeter of the site when the security personnel are not looking.

The entrance is eye catching with the colourful umbrellas which will be lighted up at night.

The flower exhibition involves the participation of 37 international landscape designers and florists. I snapped more than 100 shots here and I only manage to show a fraction of them here.

This year Floria reveals the concept of a Hanging Garden where the structure is mainly an empty container combined with timber and glass. The hanging structure is decorated with hanging flowers to provide the illusion of a hanging garden.

Most of the gardens here are made up of used or recyclable items and it is amazing how the designers are able to come out with something so beautiful with them.

There are a few wedding garden concept been set up here but the one that really caught my attention is the one by DBKL. Definitely one of the best and bring back good old memories of courtship as well as wedding day.

Floria 2014 is without a doubt a huge event and I need at least 2 hours to actually browse through everything it has to offer. Today, the King has consented to the Putrajaya Flower and Festival being given a royal status which means it was now on par with some similar flower festival, most notably the Royal Chelsea Flower Show.


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