Friday, February 15, 2013

Min Kong Cafe Prawn Noodle

Min Kong Cafe is an old brand in Sibu town, having operating for many years. It now operates in a shop at Jalan Bank.

The interior is just like any coffee shop in town with air condition for the comfort of the patrons.

Min Kong Cafe is famous for its prawn noodle . Some believe this cafe is the first to introduce such dish in town. One will need to fork up a whopping RM30 for a bowl. The price definitely had increased over the years. It used to cost RM8 per bowl and RM20 a couple of years back.

There are 4 fresh water prawns and probably this is the most expensive ingredient for this dish. The wait is quite long, around 15-20 minutes which suggest that each bowl is prepared individually.

The prawn and soup are excellent but the noodle is just average. It is a satisfying meal but I think the price is just too expensive.  However, judging from the crowd at the restaurant, price don't seems to be a big issue.

One could still get decent quality prawn noodle around the town nowadays at a more affordable price. Nevertheless, Min Kong Cafe will still be regarded as the Prawn Noodle King of Sibu.


Heinlein Shinobu said...

RM30 for a prawn noodles is just too expensive. Not some average people will eat normally for a meal.

samsung - galaxy tab 2 10.1 with 16gb said...

looks good, delicious but its too expensive.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Looks old from outside but didn't know it serves good food.

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