Sunday, January 13, 2013

Changi Airport

Internationally recognised by tourists and airlines for service quality and efficiency, Singapore Changi Airport is without a doubt the world's most awarded airport. Since its inception in 1981, the airport now operates three terminals (with a fourth terminal coming in 2017) serving over 100 airlines.

The iconic Changi control tower sees a flight taking off or landing every 100 seconds, making it one of the seven busiest airports in the world.

Kinetic Rain at Terminal 1 is a high tech installation art that's undoubtedly the most mesmerising feature within the airport. It is a combination of 1,216 pieces of copper raindrops converging in perfect synchrony, in a graceful dance of geometry.

Terminal 1 had just completed its makeover in July 2012 where its interior design has been revamped to offer more convenience for passengers. Developed on the thematic concept of a "Tropical City", the upgraded Terminal 1 reflects Singapore's reputation as a garden city .

The toilets here are immaculately clean. The best part is that passengers can have a clear view of the aircrafts on the tarnac while easing themselves at the urinals.

At the Terminal 1 Departure Hall, there is a small cactus garden with a lounge for passengers to unwind and enjoy a pint of beer.

Terminal 2 is a one stop integrated media and entertainment centre. The entertainment deck offers state of the art gaming rooms, music arenas, MTV halls, a cinema and cafe that will make hours of transit time feel like mere minutes.

It is quite obvious from its appearance, this terminal has yet to received its makeover compare to the other two terminals.

Terminal 3 architecture is rather unique compare to the other two terminals. The roof has been designed to allow natural light to enter the building


It has a structure mainly made of glass with big transparent spaces inside the terminal.

A 5m "Green Wall" greets passengers when exiting the sky train with hanging creepers and waterfall to enhance the tropical feel. This wall helps to regulate internal temperature of the terminal with occasional misting.

While it's true that tourists can claim the tax rebates on purchases made outside the airport, tourists will still be charged a minimal administration fee. Inside the departure hall of the airport, tourists can enjoy the full 7% tax-rebate at the tax free shopping zone where products are already priced without tax.


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