Monday, July 9, 2012

Full Moon

It is one of the day I been looking forward since I became a father, my son's full moon. After been deprieved of sleep for 30 days after his birth, it is time for celebration with close family members. He got his first hair cut yesterday morning and he is just so cute with his new hair style.

He looks so smart yesterday when we put on new clothes for him. For the record, I did not see my baby for a total of 10 days during his first 30 days due to work commitment and his physical appearance had changed so much every single week.

From now onward, I will only able to see my loved ones every fortnight. I just wish I could spent more time at my home town and see my son grow up.

I sure going to miss my son very much when I depart this evening.  He is currently 4.4kg now and let's see how much he will weight the next round I'm around.


wenn said...


Robo said...

Congratulation! :)

Xjion89 said...

Looks so adorable!!
Congratulation (^^)

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