Thursday, November 3, 2011

Golden Prawn 555 @ Batam

Golden Prawn Restaurant in Batam Island, Indonesia is regarded by the locals as the best seafood restaurant in the island. It is opened by the Indonesian ethnic Chinese from its appearance and the Chinese music been played at the background.

There is a great white shark statue right in front of the restaurant. Could shark be their signature dish?

In fact, there is real life sharks here at their water tank. The sharks are really huge and the water tank is just too small to contain them.

Everything here is fresh and all the seafood are on display for the patron to choose. I was impressed with what this restaurant has to offer.

A giant menu on the wall so one can make up their mind and order their favourite dish.

This large restaurant resembles several open air marquees in way of the waterway to create a calm atmosphere. The restaurant is divided to 555 and 933 restaurant but they are all under the same roof.

The restaurant isn't exactly located at the seaside but rather beside a lake which I presume is used to rear fishes.

International brand beers like Tiger, Carlsberg, Heineken and Guinness which are brewed locally are easily available here (Rp 35, 000/RM12++). Indonesian brand beer, Bintang is also available here (Rp. 35, 000). The alcohol content of those beers are slightly below the normal 5%.

Rice is served in an insulated container to maintain its warmness and freshness. This portion is enough to feed 3 person (Rp 18, 000/RM 6++).

The steamed prawn (Rp 68, 000/RM 23++) is fresh and tasty. The down side is their size. I am expecting a medium size or huge prawn but the size of the prawn here is just too small for my liking.

The la la (Rp 30, 000/RM 10++) is definitely a rip off as there is hardly any meat in it. Just heaps of clam shell without any edible content.

Gonggong (Rp 45, 000/RM 15++) probably saved our day and the only thing worth mentioning here. This edible sea snail has decent size and cooked to perfection.

Baby kailan (Rp 25, 000/RM 8++) cooked with oyster sauce. Other vegetable options available  here are kangkung and bean sprout.

The tom yam soup (Rp 35, 000/RM 12++) is well cooked with fish, squid and prawn to give it a distinctive taste and aroma. The soup is neither too spicy or hot.

I find it hard to believe this is the No. 1 seafood restaurant in Batam. The food is pathetic but its freshness and welcoming staff prevent our dining experience from turning into a disaster. By the way, there will be a 10% tax added to the bill at the end of the day.

Golden Prawn Life Seafood Restaurant
Bengkong Laut,
Pulau Batam,
Tel: 411138, 411281


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Anonymous said...

I went there with my girlfriends to spent our henz was suppose to be seafood dinner....we ordered shark fin soup, pepper crab, deep fried sea bass with sweet n sour sauce, hotplate beancurd........VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE FOOD,
SHARK FIN WAS TASTELESS....IF U DRINK WATER THAT IS HOW IT TASTE, PEPPER CRAB WAS GD THE REST OF THE DISH SUCKS!!!!!.WE PAID FOR SUCH A LOUSY SERVICE N FOOD AT S$143.....very expensive....they cheated us coz the price was double up to give the amount to the driver who brought us there........from Singapore gals

Le Maniere said...

Hi. Can u know the openig hours, if u have any idea? Thanks in advance! :)

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